Aladdin & The Magic Quest Slot Machine from WMS Gaming

This article will be taking a look at one of them, which is the new Aladdin and the magic quest slot machine from WMS Gaming. Now, before we start, I need to explain why this game is so grab a loose in every and that’s because it’s the first slot machine to have virtual-reality motion effects built into the seat. This means that when you get into the bonus rounds and you get to go on a magic carpet ride, the seat will move in the same direction as your magic carpet ride. This is hard to see in the video, but it’s a great effect. If the carpet flies to the left, your seat moves to the left and flies right. Your seat will tell to the right.

I think people really like this new slot machine and we look forward to seeing it in the paypal casinos, and now here is the new Aladdin and the magic wet slot machine from WMS Gaming. I was: is this allowed missus that features couple newer technologies for us sensory, immersion, 2.0 wheel on sensory immersion in about 45 years ago, my top gun a trillion urges the 3d sound have taken to the next level. Mad motion to the game experience as well as our new Cebu NXT 3 processor, which allows new cutting-edge, say they are graphics, search for using a real time, 3d engineer to create new new visuals. So if you noticed you got something movement in the chair to get in there, products any on the carpet ride both whatever bonuses.

This is aladdin’s. Magic flights now shows off the game. So now the gene is taken as rap on Alans a little as an address. Stop the genie, so you got a little bonus, decided on a stern expects. Gon na be a 2x, so you can goals by the 3d surround.

And now the movement in the chair goes left right as multiple passes go through the villages. All types little surprises you can uncover every time we play games to play a little different, so go ahead and oblique, and even when man you want to get to keep going. She, though, that they’re back up that now on demand so well for Latin show you the class to the genie bonus. So the goal here is to take a shot at the jeans and covers gems that are hidden inside his armor.

So go ahead. Make some pics try to get some credits from the genie and there you go, you give it got. Ta move to another party, the genie with the values go up, so that’s Aladdin and the magic West feature. New sensory immersion, 2.0 surround share with movement as well as a new CPU 3 processor, but the video improved visuals.