Weekly Recap #343 Jan. 11th – Breach, FFXIV, Smite & More!

Seems like Ship of heroes was a little late to its own Christmas party, Final Fantasy XIV starts to wrap up the Stormblood storyline, Breach and Black Desert are ready for pre-order in one form or fashion and it doesn’t seem like Smite will be running out of ideas for Gods anytime soon. Whats up guys! Welcome to the new year and like we always love to say hopefully its way better than the last, I’m JamesBl0nde with your weekly recap for gaming news and announcements for the week of January 11th, 2019, we’ve started gathering some news as the devs and publishers drag themselves back to their desks and back to work so first up in the news, this year the Open-world fantasy Action MMO Black Desert Online is on its way to the Xbox One on March 4th! Pre-orders began this past week, available in the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate flavors, all of which will provide early access to the game.

Owners of the Black Desert Ultimate edition will get early access to the full launch of BDO on March 1, 2019. Deluxe owners will be able to access it on the 2nd, while standard users can log in on the 3rd, so not a huge gap between those start dates like there has been with head starts in the past. Also on console, The fast and furious Valkyrie is now live on TERA’s PS4/Xbox One client! The valkyrie offers massive damage and rapid movement speed for players looking for a great burst damage character. The Valkyrie hit the consoles client a couple of days ago on January 8th and along with that, there’s also a Valkyrie level up event with fantastic in-game items for players to earn, along with double EXP for the first week after the update goes live, all the way through January 28th I believe. Once you hit level 2 as the Valkyrie, you’ll receive a Level 15 Valkyrie Rewards Box.

This box contains a series of additional boxes you’ll open at levels 20, 30, and so on. By the time you reach level 65, you’ll have plenty of useful rewards, including a free Jetcycle, plus valkyrie costume items like the Blackened Deathchooser weapon skin and the Chooser of the Slain costume to help you get into character. And another game ready for pre-order, Breach, the online asymmetrical brawler, which you may remember from the MMOHuts most anticipated games of 2019 video, has announced they will be coming to Steam’s Early Access on January 17th. Breach takes place in an alternate history Earth, where the modern and mythological collide.

Players will be tasked with building their own heroes and doing battle with the Veil Demons, controlled by other players. The pre-order package starts at $24.99, which you can check out at the link in the description below if you’re interested. The MMOHuts crew is pretty stoked to see this game in action so it’s probably worth a look. Next up, Ship of Heroes released a new video which was originally intended for Christmas, as you might be able to tell here, that shows holiday combat and infusions. This is their second annual Christmas video focused on holiday themed battles. The video was released a week late because the developers conducted a series of login tests on December 15th with several hundred supporters and it pushed back the production of the video.

I guess that’s a good reason to push things back. In another bit of Ship of Heroes news, they’ve also released a year-end recap which detailed the game’s milestones in the previous year including several new powersets, a day/night cycle, civilians, and cars. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to see how far the game has come. Speaking of updates, Final Fantasy XIV released its 4.5 patch this week, which begins to wrap up the Stormblood storyline. Major features include new Main Scenario quests including the first half of the thrilling climax of the Stormblood expansion, a Return to Ivalice 24-Man Alliance raid that takes players to Orbonne Monastery, and new custom deliveries. There’s obviously a ton more in store for FFXIV players, and you can find the full list as well as the patch notes linked in the description below.

Also last week, Perfect World Entertainment announced that the newest expansion for Star Trek Online, “Mirror of Discovery”, will release for PC on January 23rd, and later on consoles of course. This release coincides with the return of our Star Trek – The Worst Generation series here on the MMOHuts Youtube channel. Fans of Star Trek: Discovery may remember the episode “Despite Yourself”, when the U.S.S.

Discovery and its crew were inexplicably warped into the Mirror Universe in the year 2256, while its counterpart, the I.S.S. Discovery was believed to be destroyed by Klingon at the same time, which serves as the inspiration for the new content. As always, you’ll enounter actual Star Trek universe characters voiced by their actual actors, including Captain Killy, voiced by Mary Wiseman. I still think its one of the coolest things they do for these expansions. In a quick bit of Moba news, This past week Smite released its 5.24 update which adds the much-anticipated King Arthur hero to the roster. Now don’t get me wrong when I say this, I’m all for new pantheons and gods for that matter but I didn’t expect to see this as a pantheon and what other gods they can create from it.

I’m just saying, it oddly feels like they’re running out of ammo when it comes to Gods with this one, which I can’t imagine is the case. Regardless King Arthur is a warrior whose Passive, Steadfast, allows him to build energy which is used to decide which ultimate strike he’s able to use. Each of his abilities, which are pretty standard for warriors, build energy as he uses them. After its short cool down, Arthur can use this energy with his ultimate, sundering strike, to choose between one strike that winds up a massive jab that stuns enemies, or spend more energy to charge forward with Excalibur drawn, launching enemy gods into the air and unleashes a barrage of 6 attacks, after which he launches them back to the ground dealing damage to them and anyone that might happen to be standing below them when that happens. I’m not a warrior player, you know, but it seems like an interesting mechanic for sure. Also included in this update are new god skins for Hercules, Cerberus, Medusa, which I personally favor most, Discordia, and Athena, in addition to some new jumpstamps, announcer packs, and fountain FX.

But finally for our last bit of news, MapleStory 2 launched phase 2 of the Skybound expansion this past week, with new Single player dungeons for players who reach Trusted status, and a new Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid. Some special new events are also taking place, including the Infernog Expedition Support, where players can obtain Expedition commemorative coins based on cumulative login time, and Hide-and-Seek Hijinks, a series of 16 quests based on different NPCs for unique rewards. Players who became “Friend of the Day” and contributed to the quest condition check will get a buff, this and more was introduced recently, head over to the site post at MMOHuts.com for even more details. Anyway guys that’s about it for all the major news and announcements this week. There wasn’t a whole lot of news headed in for the new year but, for more information on the news topics anyway, check the links in the description below, feel free to discuss the news or more news in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share this video! But until next time guys that’s going to be it for me.

I’m JamesBl0nde – see ya out there gamers!